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The Role Of AI Technologies In HR Data-Based Decision Making

Imagine for a second that there's a really important decision to be made based on heaps of data. Who do you trust will do a better job of dissecting that data and making a decision: humans or artificial intelligence (AI)?

Enterprise Lacks a Big Data Strategy for IoT Transformation

Internet of Things (IoT) technology holds incredible promise for transforming the enterprise, but one of the biggest hurdles for companies implementing IoT will be extracting insight from the incredible volumes of fast-moving data these systems produce and integrating that resulting intelligence into business processes in real time.

Is HR the Most Analytics-Driven Function?

A recent global survey on which I collaborated with Oracle suggests that HR is right up there with the most analytical functions in business — and even a bit ahead of a quantitatively-oriented function like Finance.

Why You Should Take a Data-First Approach to Finance and HR

Organize information about people or things for use in software.